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Nov 14, 2019

Will surgeons be replaced by Robots?

Panellist, The Rise of the Machines, The Science Museum, London, UK

A public panel discussion chaired by Fergus Walsh of the BBC for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity (RMCC)

Nov 08, 2019

Nice Work if You Can Get It; why be a paediatric cardiac surgeon?

President's Invited Guest Lecture, The Southern Thoracic Surgeons Association, Marco Island, Florida, USA

"Your talk was AWESOME!!"

Professor Jeffrey Jacobs

President of the STSA

Oct 16, 2019

The Master's Invited Speaker (after dinner speech)

Invited Adress, The Mercers Livery Company, Ironmongerlane, London, UK

Oct 02, 2019

Lessons from The Bristol Scandal in the UK; the case for transparency and regionalization

Plenary Address, The Transparency Summit, Columbus Ohio, USA

"Not only was your presentation outstanding, but your ongoing contribution was essential to driving the conversation forward, here in the US."

Amy Basken

Director of Programs

Pediatric Congenital Heart Association

Oct 02, 2019

Freedom to Speak Up

Visiting Professor, Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus, Ohio, USA

The Risks of Silence

Sep 22, 2019

Discussion related to Ethical Principles in Introducing new procedures in surgery

Invited Panellist, Current Ethical Thinking in Surgical Innovation, Bristol, UK

Part of the IDEAL collaboration for improving surgical research

Sep 19, 2019

Culture in the Medical Workplace

Invited Lecture, Allocate Leadership Meeting, Old Trafford, Manchester, UK

Sep 11, 2019

Fake News! Some Doctors Lie

Keynote Address, British Assocation of Perinatal Medicine, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

 "a fantastic talk. You certainly made us all think!"

Dr Helen Mactier, President BAPM

Jul 15, 2019

The Conclusions of the China Tribunal

Invited Address, Committee Room 13, House of Commons, Palace of Westminster, London, UK

A presentation to a House of Commons Committee

Jun 03, 2019

(1) Complex Tracheal Reconstruction in Children (2) Forced organ donation in China (3) Regionalisation of cardiac care in the UK (4) Formula 1 and its Contribution to Healthcare

Visiting Professor, University of Minnessota, Minneapolis, USA

"You were a great Visiting Professor. I have had several remark about how interesting, stimulating, challenging your talks were, and a couple said they thought it was our best Professorship ever! I would agree."

Professor David Overman, Minneapolis

Apr 07, 2019

Challenges of paediatric cardiac surgery; art, science and career

Invited Lecture, Imperial Medical School, London

An exploration of the overlap between art and science in modern surgery

Jan 24, 2019

Maximise the Data, Minimise the Fraud; a plea to change the way we publish

The Werner Zuber Memorial Lecture, European Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation, Wengen, Switzerland

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Jan 23, 2019

Forced Organ Harvesting in China

Opening Address, European Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation, Wengen, Switzerland

"Terrifying Story, and vital contribution to our meeting"

Dr Clive Lewis, Secretary ESHLT

Jan 08, 2019

Sex Lies and Videotape; Fake News in medical publishing and what we should do about it

Medico-Legal Lawyers Luncheon Club, Royal Society of Medicine, London

"Excellent talk.  Everyone enjoyed it.  Really Good."

Kieran Coonan, QC

Nov 20, 2018

Learning from Other Industries; a life in risk

Keynote Address, Aviva Wholesale Conference, Corinthia Hotel, London


Stewart Robertson, Organiser, Aviva Inverstors

Nov 17, 2018

Optimizing Quality in Clinical Procedures

Invited Plenary Lecture, Belgian Association of Cardiothoracic Surgeons, Senneffe, Belgium

The power of transparency in data presentation to optimise team performance.  Lessons from high performing industries.

Oct 25, 2018

A Life in Risk and Lives at Risk

Keynote Address. General Insurance Reseach Organisation, ICC Birmingham, UK

Two contrasting experiences; managing risk at scale, and the risk of managing complex issues when life is at stake

Oct 02, 2018

Nice work if you can get it; the balance between courage and fear

Keynote Lecture. Aviva Institional Investors Conference, The Shard, London, UK

"A GREAT presentation!"

Sep 16, 2018

The Current Medical Publishing Model is Flawed, and open to Fraud

After Dinner Speech for Wolters Klowers Inc, Tower Bridge, London, UK

Sep 13, 2018

The need for transparent and mandated outcome reporting for surgical innovation

Invited Lecture, IDEAL Conference on Surgical Outcomes, Bristol UK

"Fantastic talk...Twitter was buzzing....Inspirational"

Professor Jane Blazeby, Professor of Surgery at Bristol and conference organiser

Sep 09, 2018

Nice Work if you can get it! Life as a surgeon

Presentation for "Speakers for Schools", Excelsior Academy, Denton Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Speakers for Schools is a charity started by Robert Peston.  It gives school students the chance to hear first hand from people in careers whom they might not otherwise meet.  It is really humbling and uplifting for the speaker!!

The students ...commented, 

'Really inspirational/inspiring,' 

'emotional and moving,' 

'The best assembly I've ever had,' 

'It makes me want to be a better person.' 

'Amazing', 'fascinating.'

Jun 29, 2018

"The Importance of Philanthropy in Paediatric Care; the GOSH experience" ​

Keynote Address, Ai You Foundation, Cheng Du, China

A guide to the value of philanthropy in improving children's health

Jun 19, 2018

Motivating your team: the power of data

Keynote Address, Nestle plc Leadership Summit, Alton Towers, UK

"An inspiring session...resonated across the room'

Gharry Eccles.  Regional Vice President CP UK

Jun 02, 2018

Tracheal Transplantation; current status

Invited Lecture, ESPO 2018, Stockholm, Sweden

A review of current evidence and recent advances in this controversial field

Jun 02, 2018

Checklists; have they really made us safer?

Keynote Address, European Society of Paediatric Otorhinolaryngology, Stockhom, Sweden

"Outstanding, inspiring, fascinating and relevant"  

Ann Hermasson, President of ESPO

May 29, 2018

The Pursuit of Excellence

Keynote Address, Sanofi Product Launch, Munich, Germany

May 22, 2018

Media Reporting of Medical Advances

Gresham College Public Lecture

The media and medicine have different perspectives. At least in part, this is due to a preference for individual human stories over detailed analysis of results. 

This lecture used examples of how the public may be misled and consider the implications of such misunderstanding.

May 01, 2018

Keeping the Wealthy Alive; value and ethics in medicine

Invited Lecture to The Huxley Science Society, Westminster School, London, UK

"Outstandingly good talk from Prof Martin Elliott at Huxley Society about ‘keeping the wealthy alive’. Genuinely thought provoking and hugely insightful." 


@WSchoolScience @wschool

Apr 29, 2018

Maximise the Data, Minimise the Fraud; a plea to change the way we publish

Invited Guest Plenary Lecture, The American Association of Thoracic Surgeons, San Diego, CA, USA

Audience Tweets;  "Brilliant speech", "fantastic presentation", "amazing talk". "my favourite talk of the day", "inspiring", "provoking, timely, brilliant", "thought provoking and stimulating as always"

Apr 22, 2018

Ingenuity, teamwork and excellence

Keynote Address with Mark Gallagher for PA Consulting. Evian, France

“Martin spoke at our Global Partner Conference and was a huge success. What particularly resonated was his numerous examples of innovation, and the way in which he has brought outside in thinking into his very specialist world. It was inspiring, optimistic and thought-provoking” 

Andrew Hooke, Head of Consulting, PA Consulting Group

Mar 14, 2018

Personalised Medicine

Gresham College Public Lecture, Museum of London, London, UK

A discussion of the concepts behind, and ethics and finances of, personalised or precision medicine

Mar 08, 2018

The Challenge of Surgical Innovation and the Need to Change Medical Publishing

Invited Lecture, BMJ Editors Away Day, London, UK

The surgical literature is beset way half truths and the lack of raw, analysable data. In this talk I outlined ways in which this situation could be improved

Feb 28, 2018

Teamwork, data and blame

Keynote lecture, IVCC5 and DS Smith Plc, Geneva, Switzerland

How good data can change behaviour and the pernicious effects of a blame culture

Feb 14, 2018

Does a Good Bedside Manner Matter?

Gresham College Public Lecture, The Museum of London, London, UK

As technology changes, do health professionals still need a good bedside manner?

Feb 08, 2018

Value, Costs and Pathways in Medicine

Invited Lecture, to General Managers Course, The Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London, UK

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Feb 03, 2018

Modified Ultrafiltration, 28 years on

Invited Guest Lecture, The Indian Association of Cardiovascular and Thoacic Surgeons, Visakpathanam, India

Past and Current status of modified ultrafiltration in cardiac surgery.

Feb 02, 2018

The Management of tracheal Stenosis in Children

Invited Guest Lecture, The Indian Association of Cardiovascular and Thoacic Surgeons, Visakpathanam, India

A summary of our extensive experience in the repair of complex tracheal problems in children

Jan 30, 2018

Teamwork and the good use of data to achieve excellence. Surgery and F1

Keynote Address with Mark Gallagher (F1 presenter, formerly of Ford Cosworth), International Temperature Controlled Logistics Congress, Twickenham, London

Combining our experience of two high-risk sectors to reveal lesson suitable for other complex organisations seeking excellence

Jan 16, 2018

Achieving Excellence in Complex Teams

Keynote Lecture, Schroder's Recognition Scheme. London, UK

Motivational tricks to enhance performance

Jan 11, 2018

Teamwork and Professionalism in Medicine; lessons from highh risk organisations

Keynote Lecture, Excellence in Education, The Royal Marsden Hospital, London

Lessons learned from various industries which have had an impact on the safety and effectiveness of medicine.

Dec 04, 2017

Optimising Quality in Surgical Procedures

Invited Keynote Lecture, KU Leuven, Belgium

A paean to the right measures and transparency 

Nov 30, 2017

Change during hard times

Keynote Address, East of England NHS Leadership Academy

Jan 24, 2020

Workforce Issues in NHS Healthcare

Invited Lecture, Timecare, Stockholm, Sweden

Nov 21, 2017

Teamwork, Change and Leadership

Keynote Address, Aviva Insurance Summit, London UK

Nov 15, 2017

Life as a pediatric Cardiac Surgeon

Keynote Address, Institute of Cardiovascular Science, UCL, London

A review of what it feels like to be a cardiac surgeon, with interviews from surgeons from all over the world

Nov 09, 2017

The head and the heart; sudden death in the young

Keynote Address, British Congenital Cardiac Association, London, UK

 "a wonderful talk. I think it may have really prompted people to help and commit to change in the future."

Professor Michael Burch, BCCA

Nov 08, 2017

Ignorance, data and change

Keynote Address, Whitehall & Industry Group, Athenaeum, London

A conversational seminar about major issues in healthcare

Nov 03, 2017

Errors, teamwork and blame

Keynote Address, Pennington Manches Annual Partner Conference

"Martin Elliott was excellent- probably the best speaker I have ever heard. I thought he “got” the audience and pitched it just right- mix of important points he wanted to get across plus humour.  The way he explained applying an approach from completely outside of his world and the challenges that presented was fascinating. His “humble” approach for such an important man was impressive and a great example for many.  Quite how he has the time to do all the thinking outside of the box plus his day job I have no idea! "

anonymous audience member

Oct 31, 2019

Learning from Our Mistakes

Plenary Keynote Address, jENS meeting, Venice, Italy

a talk highlighting the importance of real time monitoring and transparency of team performance

Oct 25, 2017

Formula One may be Good for Your Health

The 28th Arthur DeBoer Lecture, Lurie Childrens Hospitalm Chicago, IL, USA

"fascinating, enlightening & entertaining"

Oct 24, 2017

Surgical Lies; disrupting medical publishing

Grand Rounds (Visiting Professor Lecture) Children's National Hospital, Washington DC, USA

"The presentation was nothing short of spectacular"

Kurt Newman MD, CEO, Children's National Hospital Washington DC, USA

Oct 22, 2017

Public Reporting and Regionalisation. 10 lessons form the UK for the US

Keynote Address; The Congenital Heart Surgeons Society (CHSS) in Chicago USA

"the talk was absolutely unbelievable. Everyone was glued. It was brilliant, eloquent, comprehensive, funny, provocative, educational … all in the right mix.  Made me want to never speak in public again!"

Professor Luca Vricella, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, USA

Oct 11, 2017

opening your mind to how other industries work

Keynote Lecture, Exponent Private Equity, Lord's Cricket Ground, London, UK

Most people work within their corporate silos and don't get to appreciate how things are being done in other organisations.  I will show how much can be learned from surprising sources, and how we have improved safety and effectiveness in healthcare as a result.

'Martin Elliott was extremely well liked and well received, so in summary a big success!'

Simon Davidson, Exponent PE

Oct 10, 2017

Formula One May be Good for your Health

The Stokes Society Lecture, Pembroke College, Cambridge University

Oct 03, 2017

Teamwork during Times of Change

Keynote Lecture, Brewin Dolphin, London

Cardiac surgery has lived through several disruptive changes, and technology is making a further impact.  Pressures from budget cuts, Brexit and organisational reform mean teams have to change and change the way they work.  This lecture describes the lessons we have learned and what might be useful to others.

"Thank you so much for introducing us to Martin last week – he was such a success and everyone is still talking about him, it was just amazing…"


“Martin was amazing, great humour, incredibly deep and inspirational. “

Brewin Dolphin

Sep 26, 2017

Lateral Thinking to Improve Teamwork

Keynote Lecture, The Large Charities FInance Group

"thank you again for a fantastic presentation yesterday. The feedback on it was exceptional"

Rohan Hewavisenti, Imperial War Museum

Sep 14, 2017

Truth, Lies & the Trachea

The John Evans Lecture, The British Association of Paediatric Otolaryngology (BAPO), Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

"It was one of the best lectures I seen delivered at any meeting, not just medical or ENT.  It seems so obvious that we are setting the bar too low and that our research papers are simply summaries- but I think that is the first time I think it has ever been made so explicit.  I thought it set the tone wonderfully..."

 Steven Powell, FRCS  BAPO organiser


Jul 16, 2017

1. Economics of Pediatric and Congenital Cardiac Care. Model 1:Total public funding free at the level of delivery. 2. Overview of Outcomes and Quality. 3. What the CEO wants from the Director of the Heart Center 4. What is value? 5. Doing more and better for less: Mission Impossible?

5 Invited Lectures, World Congress of Paediatric Cardiology and cardiac Surgery, Barcelona, Spain

Jul 11, 2017

High Quality Performance; Great Teamwork. How do we get that in today's NHS?

Invited Lecture, Medway Hospital, Kent, UK

"Brilliant, Engaging, Inspiring"

James Devine, Executive Director of HR and OD

Jul 02, 2017

Learning from Our Mistakes

Keynote Lecture, ReaSoN Neonatal Conference, Warwick, UK

In this lecture, I explained basic theoretical points and indicated how a transparent approach to outcome reporting, in real time, can influence behaviour for the better, trading on our competitive instincts.


I  also examined the negative consequences of blame, and discussed how organisations and units can encourage a just culture in which learning from error is the norm.


I used real examples where appropriate and suggested methods which will work in any speciality

75% of the audience rated the talk as 'excellent' and a further 18% as "good".

Jun 27, 2017

Learning from Other Industries; getting the best from your team

Keynote Lecture, Investment Advisors Conference, Hampshire, UK

Most business exist within a silo, preferring their own kind.  This talk demonstrated, using examples, how even very different industries can improve if they open their minds to others.


"We have collaborated with Martin on several events now, and each time he has been an absolute pleasure to work with in both the run-up to the conference, and on the day itself. His material is thought-provoking, informative and insightful, and offers a previously unknown perspective for our delegates. Indeed, at our most recent conference Martin’s session was described by our attendees as “outstanding”, “marvellous”, “fascinating” and “exceptionally relevant”, to list just a few of the comments. Martin’s talk scored a hugely impressive 4.76 out of 5, making it one of the most popular and well-received presentations at any of our conferences over the years. We would thoroughly recommend Martin as an external speaker for any business audience – his message resonates with anyone striving for improvement on a personal or professional basis."

Katy Cole and Helen Wagstaff, Speakers in Partnership and Marketing in Partnership

Jun 20, 2017

"Do marginal gains have a place in healthcare?"

Keynote Lecture to Guy's, King's, at St Thomas' Cancer Network

"Your talk hit the perfect note giving a clear insight around what can be achieved with a focus on quality improvement and the importance of data to drive change. To hear it from a fellow clinician made it much more meaningful.  Many of my colleagues  were inspired and energised by your talk and I hope we can now build on that to drive forward our vision for a high quality cancer service. Once again many thanks for coming to talk to us"

Majid Kazmi

Chief of Cancer Services 

Deputy Medical Director

Guys and St Thomas' NHS foundation Trust.

Jun 20, 2017

Keeping the Wealthy Alive; the ethics of survival at the extremes of age

Congenital Cardiac Nurses Association, Worcester, UK

A lecture considering the ethics and cost of reducing the age of viability of preterm foetuses, and the potential costs to society of artificially supporting patients with terminal heart failure.

Jun 13, 2017

Improving Workforce Planning and Utilisation of Medics

NHS Confederation, Liverpool UK

The potential application of software to facilitate the rostering of medics, and to optimise safety and productivity by getting the right people to the right place at the right time.

Jun 11, 2017

Stem Cell Tracheal Transplantation; reality or dream?

Invited Lecture, Harvard University -University College London Joint Meeting, London, UK

Tracheal transplantation remains very difficult.  Many techniques have been tried, the most recent being stem-cell supported transplantation.  This talk reviewed our experience, problems and potential solutions and speculates on what next.

"The surgery and ethics issues were complex, so it was great that you made it seem straightforward enough to inspire our mixed audience – fabulous."

Prof Paul Winyard

University College, London

May 23, 2017

Nice Work if You Can Get It; life as a paediatric cardiac surgeon

Gresham College Lecture, Museum of London, UK

An autobiographical homage to a fascinating and fulfilling occupation.  It will also consider how the job has changed over my lifetime, and particularly what might be needed in the future

May 15, 2017

Changing the Way we Publish Surgical Papers; avoiding the lies

Keynote Lecture, Ospedale Bambino Gesu, Rome, Italy

A lecture reporting recent examples of fraudulent reporting of surgical results, the implications of such action and suggesting ways in which the profession can both prevent such things and improve the overall quality of our data.

May 14, 2017

How teams work, How healthcare is funded and the ROI from Innovation

Philips International Salesforce Meeting, Rome, Italy

"During our 2017 sales force training Prof Elliott has first of all amazed our Philips sales team by the story about the work he did with other industries, especially the Formula 1 teams.

Secondly with his inspiring talk full of tangible examples,  humor and to the point topics for our audience, he triggered new ideas and inspired the teams to think beyond our standard products and services.


He is one of the most engaging speakers in the medical world that I have seen."


Bas van Breugel

Director Sales and Marketing

Philips Patient Care and Monitoring Solutions

May 02, 2017

Using Data to Drive Patient Safety

Association of Surgeons of GB & Ireland, Glasgow, Scotland

It is hard to improve if you don't have a way of measuring that improvement.  Medics are quite competitive, and finding clear and relevant forms of data presentation motivates them to do things better.  This talk will describe some of those methods and use examples to demonstrate how the transparent use of of data changes behaviour.

Apr 24, 2017

Learning from Other Industries; getting the best from your team

Keynote Presentation, Joint Investment Conference, Hampshire, UK

Apr 23, 2017

Teamwork, Culture and the Importance of Data

Keynote Lecture for Webinar by MSD and Wave Pharmaceuticals, London, UK

"Martin was a pleasure to work with, professional, flexible and happy to operate within the regulatory constraints of the pharma industry. His medical experience, media training and the knowledge he brought with him, ranging from Formula 1 and big data to teamwork and leadership, made him an excellent partner for the project."


Apr 05, 2017

Working as a Team

Keynote Lecture, 1st International Meeting of the Pediatric Airway Teams, Genova, Italy

"Enlightening and Inspiring"  

Profs Michele Torre, Genoa and Sergio Bottero, Rome

Mar 26, 2017

La Formula1 potrebbe fare bene alla tua salute!

Public Lecture, Mirandola, Italy

"Fantastic Presentation"

Andrea Menghini, on behalf of Mirandola Lions Club, Kiwanis International and Rotary International

Mar 15, 2017

I won't have blood; a battle between belief and duty

Gresham College Lecture

Most open-heart surgery in children requires the use of donor blood. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe, on the basis of biblical texts, that blood should not be ingested or transfused. There is thus a tension between clinical teams and devout families. This lecture explores that tension, and considers how we might perform open-heart surgery without blood. 

Feb 28, 2017

Leading Change in Times of Uncertainty. (Keynote Speech)

MHRA Annual Managers Conference, London, UK

" 94% of the audience found the talk useful, and 76% said they would be applying the learning back at work.  This is some of the highest speaker feedback we have ever had.  They liked the style, and the mix of humour and serious content".

Paul Inglefield, Dep Director Corporate Communications, MHRA

Jan 01, 2020

Innovation, Leadership and Culture in the NHS; what surgeons really think. (Keynote Speech)

FSD Annual Finance Conference; whole system working. Newmarket Racecourse, Newmarket, UK. For NHS Health Education England.

"Engaging, inspiring and a delight"

"Inspiring, intersting and full of useful experiences which we may be able to replicate or learn from to drive changes."

"There best speech of the day.  Excellent, amazing and inspiring.  Very clear presentation addressing the themes of innovation, leadership and culture.  Very glad and grateful I had the opportunity to hear Professor Martin Elliott"

audience members comments

Feb 14, 2017

Affairs of the Heart; the symbolism of the heart in art

Gresham College Lecture (with Dr Valerie Shrimplin)

A celebration of the heart for St Valentine’s Day. How is it that a simple pump has become a symbol of the highest human emotions of love, truth, conscience and moral courage?  How have artists represented this over the centuries? And how effective have those representations been? 

Jan 18, 2017

Sudden Death in the Young; A terrible waste

Gresham College Lecture

A lecture about Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy and Sudden Cardiac Death.  The lecture follows the death of my own son, Toby, from SUDEP and after reviewing the subject, calls for an integrated and uniform approach to the investigation of sudden death.  Follow up articles in the British Medical Journal, the Evening Standard and the Daily Mail.

Dec 10, 2016

Heart Surgery for Congenital Heart Defects; based on Science or Fiction?

SKMC Conference 2016 AbuDhabi

'two outstanding, entertaining and fascinating contributions by Professor Elliott"   Prof Laszlo Kiraly, Abu Dhabi

Dec 10, 2016

Tracheal Stenosis in Children

SKMC Conference 2016, Abu Dhabi

Dec 05, 2016

Life as a cardiac surgeon

Masterclass, Camden School for Girls, London

"A huge thank you to the fantastic Prof Martin Elliott...incredible work"

Emma Perry, Head of Science

Dec 01, 2016

Tracheal Stenosis in Children; management and research horizons

Visiting Professor Lecture, University of Belgrade, Serbia

"One of the best lectures I have ever heard"  

Professor of Respiratory Medicine

Nov 24, 2016

Opening your mind to others: Innovation in the NHS

British Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (BAPRAS) 2016 winter meeting. Keynote Address

Feedback Score 4.9/5...."fascinating, inspiring, stimulating"

Nov 23, 2016

Seeing through the lies

Gresham College Lecture

A critique of current medical publishing and how it facilitates fraud

Nov 18, 2016

Keeping the Wealthy Alive: technology v ethics

Colchester Medical Society Lecture

"Enthralling lecture, crystallising much that we all had been thinking"  "Overwhelmingly positive comments"

Dr Marion Wood, President

Nov 09, 2016

Formula 1 may be good for your health

The Guy Fawkes Lecture 2016, St Peter's School, York, UK

"To witness a truly inspiring delivery of how one man’s defiance to accept nothing but the best of himself, to push the boundaries of his own understanding and the productivity of the people around him, really was quite incredible. I believe I speak on behalf of both St Peter’s and the members of the York community that came to see Professor Elliott when I say it was a distinct privilege to have him deliver his talk"

Charles Dunn, Student

Wow! I’m a non-scientist who’s heard dozens of science lectures as part of our programme - Prof Elliott’s stands out as the most engaging of all of them. Martin has a great story to tell from his time at Great Ormond Street and tells it brilliantly. His lecture captivated everyone from school children to university scientists. He outlined what his heart surgery team had learnt from F1, with total command of his subject matter and plenty of analogies, visuals and jokes to maintain attention. There was a great buzz of discussion afterwards - and what an example of two apparently diverse industries learning from each other! F1 technology clearly IS good for the health of child heart patients.

Ben Fuller, Head of Government & Politics, St Peter's School, York

Nov 09, 2016

Responding to rapid change

Alinea Consulting, City Hall, London

The Fighter Pilot and The Surgeon

Joint Presentation and discussion with Mandy Hickson

Nov 08, 2016

Keynote Address, Werfen Life, Barcelona

"The session went extremely well and feedback certainly points in this direction. What was most appreciated was the fact that you were a scientist, medical practitioner and a manager; not the typical academia person who has no business experience lecturing theory to a room of experienced business people. They loved your inter industry experience and the fact that you had exchanged best practices with what could have seemed like very opposite fields."


Lucia Del Moral, Head of HR, WerfenLife, Barcelona 

Nov 05, 2016

Innovation in Surgery; who owns the data?

TEDx Wandsworth 2016

"The talk was superb!"

Amman Abid, TED Event Organiser

Oct 18, 2016

Friends of Adeona, Dartmouth House, London

Joint Presentation with Matthew Syed

Matthew & Martin - your presentation / performance was incredibly interesting, engaging and lots of fun. I doubt our guests will have seen anything quite like it before, which is exactly what we wanted. We’ve certainly had great feedback from donors and staff alike which will be hard to match next year.

Rachel Hughes, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity

Oct 13, 2016

The Ethics of Innovation; the need for transparency

iMed 08, International Medical Student's Conference, Lisbon, Portugal

I will argue that the data associated with innovation, especially in surgery, are 'owned' by the wrong people.  Peer review should start with the dataset, and data collection should be mandatory and the output analysable by others.

Oct 12, 2016

Closing Keynote

Annual Hotel Conference, Manchester, UK

"Rare is the conference speaker who truly inspires, motivates and delights, yet moves you to the extent that you feel it a great privilege to have been in the audience. Martin is that rarity and combines his brilliance with a humility and wit which makes his message all the more powerful and engaging."


Jonathan Langston, Co-Founder The Annual Hotel Conference

Oct 11, 2016

The Rhythm and Dance of the Heart

Gresham College Lecture, The Museum of London, London

I will show how the heart beats, and with the help of two drummers and a dancer, what happens when the rhythm gows awry.  Free Public Lecture, just turn up!

Sep 21, 2016

Does National Audit really help our patients?

Augis 2016, Leeds, UK

Andrew Kennedy


Nov 01


@Trisha_the_doc @profmjelliott gave outstanding talk on outcome reporting at #AUGIS in Sept. Convinced me!

Sep 07, 2016

Blame, Accountability and Transparency

Banking Standards Board Breakfast Presentation, Morgan Stanley, Canary Wharf, London

"a riveting talk following by an excellent discussion; very worthwhile attending.....most inspiring and much to take back to our organisations

Peter Massey-Cook

Head of Ethics, EMEA

Sep 05, 2016

A Different Type of Risk

JLA Speaker's Breakfast, Regent Street Cinema, London

Mitigating risk, striving for excellence and learning form other industries.  Lessons from Great Ormond Street


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